Visual Installation

Kinect Basic Skeleton

Using Kinect, a motion sensing input device based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral, users can control and interact with their visual environnement using only gestures.

Sample work:

Kinect Basic Motion Capture Skeleton Demo


Overhead Entertainement creates interactive reactive projected visuals…
Boombox Stage Example

Overhead Entertainement can create visual environnements for any occasion, using custom designs tailored to the venue and the theme.

Sample work:

V.I.P section at the International Fashion & Design Festival (2 projectors setup)


Sample Work:

CoreLine perspective (2011)

Digital Visual Conception

concept approche the feel of the environment , building a pallet canvas color, form, texture, composition, symbolism, the live experience.


The Art of understanding thematic, to cover your event, state of the art visual designer ready for your demand.Projection brigning light and warmt to your event of show.

multi live cameras mixed with live visual music visualization

Dj Contruct @ Beat freakz. Multi live cameras example with cartoon filter.

BASS RENEGADE @ DJWEB.TV multi live cameras example E&H

P.O.V Filming unit

P.O.V Filming unit , is a service that covers your event video discretly without a tripod in the way. Interviews Setup, overhead pont of views Setup, car rigs.
Sony HXR-MC1 POV x 3

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